Splitting Database Problem




I've got a database currently residing on my server. Many users access the
database to:
1. View data
2. Update Data
3. Create Reports
4. Create Merged documents.

I would like to split the database, but I run into a problem with the Merged

Currently only one person at a time can merge documents, since after the
document is selected, a temp table is populated with the required data. The
merge document then opens and refers to the temp table.

I would like to split the database, but is there a way to have the merged
documents (un-merged copies are on the server with the database) look on a
user's desktop for the table to merge with?



When you split your DB, move all the tables except the temp table to the back
end, but leave the temp table in the front end. That way, each user has a
unique copy of the temp table.


But how do the merge letters know to look at each an individual's computer.
I've got a UNC in the back end of the merge document.

AH, it just hit me:

I'll do as you suggested leaving the temp table on the front end.
Then in the VBA for the merge documents, use Dev Ashish's fOSUserName().
Set the lookup UNC for the merging to "C:\Documents and Settings\"&
fOSUserName &"\Desktop\DATABASENAME.mdb"


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