Split Database Difficulties



This question must have been asked before, but I cannot see anything of
relevence in the present posts so forgive me if I am duplicating an earlier

If a table in a back-end database is renamed then it is no longer visible to
the front-end. Presumably, the same will also be true if a new table is
added to the back-end. Is there a way of relinking the databases after such
changes are made to the back end? On-line Help is particularly ‘help-less’
in this area and the several 4 Kg Access manuals that I possess also seem
remarkably coy on the subject. The only solution I can currently think of is
to reimport the back-end into the front-end and then re-split it. Surely


Yes when you create/add new tables in the back-end you need to create a link
for it in the front-end. This is very simple to do

Open the front-end
File-Get External Data-Link tables
Browse and select your back-end
A pop-up will load with all of the objects in the back-end)
Select each table to be linked and then press OK

they should now appear in your front-end listing of objects and be usable in
your forms, queries,...

Allen Browne

In general, if you are altering the structure of the back end, you need to
modify the front end in the same way.

Delete from the front end any table than no longer exists in the back end,
and attach any new tables:
File | Get External | Link

It is possible to do it programmatically.
This query will give you the list of tables in the back end:

SELECT MSysObjects.Name
FROM MSysObjects IN 'C:\MyPath\MyFile.mdb'
WHERE ((MSysObjects.Type = 1)
AND (Not ((MSysObjects.Name Like "~*")
OR (MSysObjects.Name Like "MSys*"))))
ORDER BY MSysObjects.Name;

But in general you have access to the front end at design time, so it's not
something that is commonly done.


Thank you both for your responses.

Allen - I keep promising myself that one day I will find out what time you
switch on your computer in the morning by posting problems at ever earlier
times. 0730 is the earliest I have had so far. Any chance that I would find
you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 0630 or even before? Unfortunately, I
cannot currently think of any more problems with which to carry out the
investigation - but give me time!.

Jeff Boyce


You'll have to get up pretty early (like yesterday!) to catch Allen ... he's
responding from half-way 'round the world, and then some...

Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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