special characters on my keyboard



I have a new vista, I have set up my language as US english, yet the keyboard
uses the special characters when I am in a word document. ie: I cannot use
the question mark, it defaults the accent e.

Stefan Blom

Verify that you have the correct keyboard layout (input language) specified
in Control Panel. I don't know the exact steps in Windows Vista, but in
Windows XP you access these settings via Regional and Language Options.


I have the same issue and I checked in the Input Language on Windows Vista
and it is US English, so it is correct. I only seem to be getting the Issue
in Mocrisoft Outlook, but not Word, IE, or any other programs - it is
annoying - I can't get a "?" or a " ' " single quote for example in replying
to an e-mail in Outlook 2007. Any other ideas?

Graham Mayor

Outlook uses its own editor. Check the language at the cursor from the
spellcheck dropdown on the Message tab.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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