speakers are plugged in correctly, but still says they're unplugge


James Casella

I have My speakers plugged in the way they have always been when they worked
(in the green Line in jack in the back), but Sound says they're unplugged
(same goes for Headphones in the front green line in).

The only thing that shows up in Playback Devices is "Digital Output Device"
(which I do not own)

However, My Microphone still works fine, and shows up functioning in
recording devices.

I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling any sound related device in Device
Manager, but it didn't work.



James Casella


I forgot my mic is a USB one.

also, I booted in safemode, and no change

Also, I Downloaded Realtec HD Audio manager to see maybe it was just my
system, but that too only detects high definition audio device.

One more thing:
Is it possible that I could have damage the sound card by attempting to run
a Guitar Amplifier through a double ended headphone jack with an adapter at
one end to my computer and turning the amp on?

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