SP2 Uninstall Files



I installed SP2 from CD and it is working fine. I don't
want to uninstall it. However, I would like to recover the
disk space currently being taken up by the uninstall
files. Can this be safely done? If so, how?


Nice addition, Mat. Will include it. :blush:)

Added info:

Some of the Hotfixes (Mostly security updates) do not have an uninstall
feature, these will not appear in the Add and Remove list. If a Hotfix does
appear in the Add and Remove list then it can be uninstalled just like any
other program.

If you uninstall the Hotfix, you will lose the benefits of that patch. This
should only be done if you can determine that you are experiencing negative
effects from the particular Hotfix.

If you simply do not want them to appear in the Add and Remove list and you
are sure that you will not need the uninstall option, you can remove items
from that list by using a registry tweak.

Automated Edit:

Remove Hotfixes from Add or Remove (Line 193)

Manual Edit: Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to this key:


Expand this branch and look at the list. The Hotfixes are all listed by a
"Q" number that corresponds to the entry in the Add and Remove list. Make
sure that you back up each Key before deleting it.

Select the key and then select File/Export and include the Q number in the
name of the file. Right click the entries you want to remove and select

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