sp2 firewall, vpn, and outlook 2000



remote user connecting from an xp sp2 machine via vpn to internal network is
having problems... vpn login goes fine but then when opening Outlook it says
it cannot contact the Exchange server? User IS able to ping the Exchange
server both my name and IP address. Same issue occurs whether firewall is
enabled or disabled so I don't think the issue is with the firewall but I'm
putting feelers out one step ahead. This is the first time I've had a remote
user connect in this way with xp sp2... is there any gotchas I should know
about concerning firewall and outlook 2000 connecting to exchange 2000 over
a vpn connection? Will File and Print sharing need to be allowed through the
firewall on the vpn connection? Should the firewall even be enabled for the
vpn connection?

any info regarding this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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