Sound to multiple output devices



I have a hardware sound card with speakers plugged in. I also have a further
set of speakers plugged into a USB port (these speakers emulate a sound
device). So that's a total of two possible devices that I have to output
sound with.

How can I have two apps running at the same time, each outputting sound, but
to a different sound output device ? It's possible to fudge the issue by
relying on the apparent fact that an application in XP doesn't recognise any
resets to the audio device settings unless the app is quit and relaunched.
This seems to me more like an error as it's not very intuitive - and I do not
want to relaunch my apps merely to switch sound output - as I shall be
switching quite regularly.

Is there some additional download from either Microsoft of a third party
that I can use that will provide a better GUI than the existing Windows XP
audio devices screen ? I am looking for instant switching of sound devices
by app (OK, the sound buffer needs to rebuild, so I'm not asking for
perfectly timed switching in terms of sound quality, but I want to switch
easily without relaunching apps and constantly fiddling with the windows
audio devices settings)

Any help out there please ? Doesn't seem to be anything out there that I
can find from a google search. Third party apps like Virtual Audio Cable
don't seem to do what I want either.

Thanks for any help please.

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