sound problem,speaker problem ?



I posted this problem before,about two years ago. No solution yet.
When I click on the loudspeaker in the notification area, sound is totally
muted. That`s fine, I don`t like any sound from the computer, unless I am
playing music.

Yet, there a constant whisper from my speakers. And when a put my hand on
the "multi media speaker system"(the box, where the two speakers are
connected to) I hear a local radio station, quite loud.
No big deal, just annoying.
Somebody suggested ,that something was wrong with my speakers, which where
supposedly too sensitive and are picking up the radio station. I brought my
speakers back to the shop.Nothing unusual was found.
Any other ideas out there ???Thanks . Phil
OS>windows xp with all the latest updates. OE 6




Hi Phil,
If your speakers are close to your monitor, that
may be the problem. The magnetic field around the monitor
is strong enough to cause some weird effects

The Easy Day

Steve Nielsen

Radio reception through the speakers indicates a ground/shield problem
or the audio cable to the speakers is disconnected from the computer or
damaged. Try a different cable and/or different set of speakers.




Jim Macklin

When you do, remind us what the problem was and what worked
to fix it.

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But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.

| Thanks. Will post results when available. Phil

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