Sorting non-linked cells in a linked worksheet



I have a worksheet with cells that are calculated from information in a
linked source worksheet. On the worksheet deriving values from the linked
source worksheet, I also have note columns which are not linked to the source
worksheet, allowing me to write notes in the linked worksheet pertaining to
the information on the linked worksheet. When I do a Sort in the source
worksheet, everything in the linked worksheet sorts properly except these
Note fields which do not change, so the relationship between the linked
fields in the linked worksheet and the rows in the Notes column is not
maintained. I have merged cells in the header of the source worksheet, so to
do a sort, I manually highlite all rows and columns in the source worksheet
below the merged cells and select Sort in the Data menu. In other words, I
sort in worksheet #1 (the source worksheet), but the Notes rows in worksheet
#2 (the linked worksheet) do not follow the appropriate sorted data in
worksheet #2 (the linked worksheet). How can I get the Notes rows in the
linked worksheet to follow the data in the linked worksheet rows?




One option to have a Serial Number column on Source sheet and link that to a
Col in the derived sheet...
Then after sorting the source sheet you can sort the derived sheet on the
Srl No EXCLUDING the notes column

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