Sorting names by start time



Well i tried to figure out a formula to help me out but unfortunately i have
had no luck.
I thought i had it with this formula but no.
I also tried a transpose but couldnt get it to work.
19:00",T:T,0)),W3),INDEX(R:R,MATCH("TS11:00 - 19:00",T:T,0)),"")

So is there a way to sort this these people by the time they start?
Column B is not really needed because i also need to sort by position.
Any help would really be appreciated, Thank you.

info comes out like this
name start time start time with position
A b c
name1 7:00 t7:00
name2 7:00 t7:00
name3 10:00 ts10:00
name4 10:00 t10:00
name5 12:00 ps12:00
name6 12:00 ts12:00
name7 12:00 t12:00
name8 14:00 t14:00
name9 16:00 p16:00

final result wanted
t7:00 ts10:00 ps12:00 t14:00
name1 name3 name5 name8 name9

t10:00 t12:00
name4 name7



Just figured it out. I added SUM to the match part of the equation so that
when it gets a result it will add 1 to get next result

19:00",T:T,0))),W3),INDEX(R:R,SUM(1,MATCH("TS11:00 - 19:00",T:T,0))),"")

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