trying to sort/farmat scanned info



I saved a scan of a label sheet as an excel file. Each piece of info is being
allocated its own cell. Right now it is in the format:
....and continues in this manner for a few hundred pages.
I want to be able to manipulate the info so it's in the format:
<name1><street address1><city,state,zip1>
<name2><street address2><city,state,zip2>
<name3><street address3><city,state,zip3>
.. can i do this? I am a relative excel noobie and don't even know where
to start. The fact that the info isnt a simple text or ascii file with
delimiters doesnt help the matter. Any and all help is appreciated


Try something like


copy across 4 columns then copy down as long as needed,
once you start getting numbers you are done,
replace $A$1 with the left uppermost data cell

I used 4 columns although the first part of you exampole don't have zip
codes but your second part do have them, if the zips are together with the
states only copy 3 columns accross


Peo Sjoblom


i highlighted the four columns and down to the last row (36th row) of my test
spreadsheet and then copied the formula you provided. Cell A1 which
originally contained a bunch of numbers (i.e. <info+1>) changed to 0 and the
rest of cells remained unchanged. I must be doing something wrong. Thnx in
advance for your help.

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