Sony monitor brightness problem and solution


Minnie Bannister

I saw a question here (many months old) about this problem, so somebody
else could have the same question.

Many months ago, the display of my 19" Sony Multiscan G400 monitor
turned very bright: even with the brightness set to 0, it was way too
bright, areas that were supposed to be black were a greenish color, and
the flyback lines were clearly visible. Pressing the Reset button reset
the screen sizes for every resolution but did not touch this particular
problem. Degaussing didn't help either.

I assumed that some internal component had gone bad but couldn't figure
out how to get the case open -- and, yes, I know all about the very high
voltages ("KillerVolts") that can still exist inside a monitor or TV
hours after it's been turned off.

I looked for and eventually found on line a training manual for service
technicians, but it assumed that the case had already been opened and
didn't explain how to do that.

Having pressed Reset again and messed up all the screen size settings, I
brought up the menu again and fixed all those settings, then noticed
another menu item, "Option." This was the menu with Degauss as a
sub-option, also moire correction. Then at the bottom I found another
option: "Image Restoration" I had never noticed before; thinking, "I
wonder what this does?" I invoked it, and the screen went totally white,
then after several seconds restored my old faithful desktop with
everything looking much darker.

So now my monitor is back to normal, just when I was thinking of
pensioning it off and getting one of those trendy new LCD monitors with
deep rich colors (and fuzzy text -- at least on most of the ones I see
in the stores).

Hope this helps somebody.



I still find it highly unlikely that they'll be using max resolution in
stores. Espcially if it's called PC World ... ;-)

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