Sony DSC-V1 connectivity problem




I'm not beginner in digital photography. I have recently
bought a new camera to replace my old one. The camera is
Sony Cybershot DSC-V1. I'm completely satisfied but there
is one annoying problem. This is enough strange problem
with connectivity to USB port I've never met before. I have
my own Sony notebook with WinXP and desktop with Win2000 at
my office both have USB 1.1 not USB 2.0 ports. No one can
see camera connection in "Normal" or "PTP" mode for WinXP,
I checked USB cable and it was OK. So I have to use a
memory stick card reader to transfer images to harddisks.
Does anyone have the same problem?

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Eduardo Ortiz

I have the same problem with my Cybershot DSC-P10 which I
just bought. The only suggestion that I have gotten is
that I should install Service Pack 1. Unfortunately, I
had already installed it and it still did not work. Any
other suggestions?


Hmmm, i have Sony DSC F717 and same problems with USB connection. Neither of my two computers can not recognize a camera, but camera show display message USB connection normal. Please give me some solution, iam very desperated.
Jun 12, 2010
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So i had this problem w/ a DSC-V1... here's the fix using a mac and no other software/apps... save everything off the card you want to keep and then reformat the card using the camera... worked like a charm for me!

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