Something funny with the Calendar 2007 day color?



I just upgraded to Office 2007 (running on XP). I have noticed what could be
either a bug or undocumented feature. In the calendar, day, week, or month
view, on a couple of days, the background color of the day seems to "catch"
the color of the appointment on the day. Specifically, on New Year's Day I
have a holiday reminder with an associated holiday category colored dark
maroon. The background color of the day, in all views, is a light maroon. If
I change the category color the background color of the days changes also,
i.e. category dark blue, background light blue. I tried deleting the category
and then resetting it and it keeps happening. It also happens on the
appointment for April 15th tax day, which is assigned a different category
(needs preparation) and color. The background shadows the "needs preparation"
category. No other day with appointments, even ones with the same category,
exhibits this behavior. The background of the day is the standard background
color as every other day.

I've searched for controls that would affect this and found none. I have
also searched online and found no discussion.

Not sure what's going on and it's not a big problem. I'd probably shut it
off if I could because its a distraction but I would like to know what is
going on.

Any ideas?


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