Color Categorizing in a Shared Calendar



I am in responsible for scheduling events and appointments in several shared
calendars on Outlook 2007. We prefer to color categorize them and I was
wondering if there was a way to color categorize an appointment in a shared
calendar and have all users see that color category with exact name. For
example, we have set up a Conference Room as a separate user in our server so
it also has its own email address. Several admin support specialists have
access to this Conference Room calendar and we would like to color categorize
appointments in this calendar to reflect the different departments using it
but we have to individually color categorize this calendar in our own view of
this calendar and we prefer that anytime we edit this calendar with a color
category it automatically comes up as that particular color and name in
everyone's calendar.

Does this make sense?






Michael Bauer [MVP - Outlook]

If it's a shared calendar, not a public folder, you should be able to create
the master category list for that mailbox. In order to do so, I'd create a
profil in Outlook with that mailbox as the default. Then create the master
category list.

Best regards
Michael Bauer - MVP Outlook
Manage and share your categories:

Am Fri, 5 Mar 2010 12:46:17 -0800 schrieb erikahc:

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