Some emails ask for OWA login



Got a weird one for you guys.

I'm starting to get complaints that some users - when opening an
email - are getting prompted to login to owa. I've done a ton of
troubleshooting, so I'll list only the known facts.

User A creates a message and inserts an image. This can be via a
signature, or pasting into the message. It's NOT an attachment. User A
is using Outlook (still not sure if it's version specific, so I'll
leave that out).

User B checks messages via OWA and forwards message to User C. User B
sees no problems with the message, and is a happy camper. I can't get
a clear answer as to whether or not User B sees the image embedded or
if it's an attachment.

When User C checks the message they are prompted to login to OWA. It
doesn't matter who User C is, or where they are receiving the email
(address) or what client they are using. (Ie, User C could be a gmail
account). If User C forwards to anyone, the need to login to OWA is
passed on to that user as well.

Now... other facts.

If you view the source of the email at User C level or beyond, the
embedded image has a src tag of something like:
https://yourwebmailserver/exchange/USERB/Drafts/FW: Hey.EML/

and of course, this embedded image has a red x through it, as the
login is basically asking you to login to webmail with User B's
credentials to view the image from his/her drafts folder... i get
that. Something else that's odd, is that User C also gets an
attachment of the image referenced, and can view it just fine.

Soooo.... Long story short, I thought it had to do with User B not
having an HTML enabled email client - thus the multipart attachment...
but they're using OWA. From all of the research I've seen, there is
no way to set OWA to use plain text only.

We're running Exchange/OWA 2000, and it's worth noting that the users
in question aren't tech savvy, and it'd be highly unlikely for them to
monkey with settings. One user B that i talked to is using IE7, but
I'm not sure if that's true for all User B's that have complained. I
typically get a new complaint each day - from different senders/

I also checked their profile settings in IE, and saw where you can
change their protocol settings - but they are the same for all

I cannot reproduce this problem to save my life, and have 100 or so
emails to prove it :) any and all help/tips would be greatly






Something to add...
it seems like its only happening to a certain number of "B" users, and
it doesn't matter who sends them something, it always happens.

ANY thoughts?

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