Solution...Maybe - "Please Open This HTML Message to Print It"



Hi there,

This message seams to be one hell of a pain for a lot of people.

A client of mine had the same issue when I was investigating how to
print multiple email attachments without the need to open them. Slight
side issue is I still can't get them to print any attachments even
though File | Print | Print Options | Print Attached Files is Ticked.

Anyway for all those just having trouble printing the text in an email,
I will make a few suggestions on settings that worked for me, but as
always it cant be guaranteed as a generic fix for all!

First one is turn on the "Reading Pane", set it to Right or Bottom
by Clicking:

View | Reading Pane | Right / Bottom.

Hopefully that's as far as you need to go. It seams the print engine
needs to see the email on screen before it will print! :)

Second is using Word 2003 as the email editor and reading Rich Text
messages by Clicking:

Tools | Option | Mail Format.

Tick both boxes under Mail Format
To keep the same settings as me make the "Composing message format"
= "HTML"

Thirdly is Close and Restart Outlook to pick up the Word 2003 settings
or integration that needs to take place, which I have no knowledge

Hope this help out the majority of users and not just my client.

On a side note, my profile settings allow me to print multiple
attachments so there is hope, its just a matter of finding and clicking
the right buttons / boxes!

Kind regards,

Stuart Wighton

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