Solution for missing Task Manager icon -> Process Explorer



I've had a hard time keeping the task manager icon in the system tray
on Windows XP in classic mode.

I found the rather lengthy discussion on google by Tom Jenkins which says
there is currently no fix:
I just noticed the latest Process Explorer from sysinternals.comcan be
minimized just like task manager. It also shows the CPU usage by color and
has a ton of other features not to mentionit's
free. more useful
than task manager anyway...


Dec 31, 2006
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missing task manager Icon


I got my task manager icon to re-appear in the system tray by going into services and turning on "Themes". Then I changed my display settings to windows XP standard or something other than classic.

At this point the missing task manager Icon re-appeared.

To test I restarted the computer. Since I had not set the Service "Themes" to start automaticly, my theme reverted to Classic. However, task manager Icon re-appeared nicely.

Good Luck


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