Software mirror for system and data move to new SCSI Drives



I have a Windows 2003 server running but it was originally setup a Software
mirror on 2 40GB IDE drives with 2 80GB IDE Data Drives on a Promise
Controller. I have removed one drive so I have a backup of the system should
I need it and installed a Adaptec RAID 5 controller with 3 147GB SCSI Drives.
I then Mirrored all volumes to the SCSI Drive and everything seems kosher
until I try to remove the IDE system drive. Then the system only boots to
blinking cursor. I can choose to boot to the SCSI RAID with the IDE Drive
installed, but I do not want to do this. I understand a clean install is the
best option, but there is a Proprietary program that is only installed on the
system drive and to get their tech support on the line to help with reinstall
will cost as much as the new drive array did.

Many thanks to all that can help.




If Adaptec controller cannot run in 'multi()' mode you need the ntbootdd.sys
file and modify the arc path in the boot.ini file from multi() to scsi().
Boot into RecoveryConsole, and run 'map'. According to the partition table,
issue 'fixmbr \device\harddisk?' and/or 'fixboot C:' commands.;EN-US;292175
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows 2000
Reasons Why Windows NT Does Not Boot From a Shadow Mirror Drive
Why can't I boot from a shadow?


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