SmartClient + WindowsForms library



We have a windows forms library that is being deployed as a smart client.
Everything works ok, but only one issue: everytime the user uses the
application the system checks to see if there is a new version available. Is
there any way we can specify on the client that such a check should only be
done once a day or somehow else to prevent the checking everytime?

Thank you,



Steven Van Dyke

Can you explain to me how to create an app that can download an MSI and
update itself? I know how to create the MSI, and I know how to write code to
download the MSI, but what then? Do I just run the MSI from my running
application and the framework does the rest?

When I say the rest, I would expect the framework to shut down my currently
running app, install the MSI, then restart my app.






I too need this solution. I have created MSI and installed the smart
clients in client machines. Now I need to update it. Currenly I am
doing that using appupdater component. That works fine, but I need to
do this using MSI file for updates. I want to perform some actions in
the client machine before updating the application which is not
possible with appupdater component or I don't know how to use it to do
it. Can anyone throw us an idea or suggestion for this?

Thank you in advance,

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