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Charalampos Michael

I have a shared mailbox on a Exchange 2007 Sever (Windows 2008 SBS)
with name "Support".

If the Client PC opens the "Support" mailbox as a primary mailbox and do
any search the result will be instant. (the mailbox inbox contains
around 50000 e-mails)

Now, if the Client PC opens the "Support" mailbox as Secondary /
Additional and do any search it may take up to 2-4 minutes.

The Client PC is Windows XP Pro SP3.

The Windows 2008 sbs as file server is fast (eg, copying files) and
there are not any network issues.

Any ideas ?

Thank you

btw, i'm using online mode for both mailboxes with Outlook 2007 SP1
(iow, non-cached mode)



Roady [MVP]

Are you using Windows Desktop Search to index the on-line mailboxes?
Any specific reason why you are not using Cached Exchange Mode?

Charalampos Michael

Dear Roady,
Are you using Windows Desktop Search to index the on-line mailboxes?

No, is it possible because WDS 4 doesn't allow to index on-line
mailboxes ???

If yes, how ?
Any specific reason why you are not using Cached Exchange Mode?

Additional mailboxes can not be cached as far i know :(
(Only the primary can)

Thank you

Roady [MVP]

The feature to index non/cached mailboxes has been introduced since WDS 4.
There are no specific things to configure other then to make sure that the
indexing service has access to the Exchange mailboxes that it needs to

Additional settings can be configured via GPO.

Mail folders of secondary Exchange mailboxes cannot be indexed indeed but
why do you have it disabled on your primary mailbox as well?



I have a similar issue. We have Exchange 2007 SP1 RU 7 and Outlook
2007 SP1 clients (XP Pro clients on a mixture of SP2/3); users are not
able to search delegate mailboxes from within Outlook using WDS.

I have Windows Desktop Search 4 Installed, the ADM GPO file installed
for WDS and configured to allow clients to Index additional delegate
mailboxes. If you use the Entry bar titled "Search Mailbox - ...... "
nothing happens. After doing a bit of searching on the net I came
across a workaround which is to use the Search Toolbar available from
the Start Menu. Entering the search string in this box will bring up
mail referenced to the delegate mailbox. We do not use Cached Exchange
for Clients permanently connected to the network.

This workaround is however not good enough and I need to know why the
search function (which was previously very 'functional' compared to
this new one) is not working.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.





hi, we had similar problems. our TS (8-12 users) slowed extremely down
and the client pc´s sometimes also got very slow.
the problem at our company was the windows desktop search. after
removing it from the clients the problems disappeared.
but the users wanted to have a search tool for their outlook.
we are currently testing the Outlook search-tool Lookeen. it looks
very good up to now. the server is working good, we do not have much
network traffic and also the clients are fine. Lookeen has the
opportunity to create a "shared index". this index is created on the
server and the users just add the network path of this index to their
Lookeen and it works. By the way, Lookeen is very fast.
All in all a good solution.

hope this helps



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