Slow Seagate HD



Hi All,

I have 3 SATA HD 150GB from western digital and 1 750GTB from Seagate. That
Seagate HD takes much more times to process files like copy or some other
transactions. While in the other HDs it is instantly. All HD are internal.

Is that could be a HD problem or a Vista thing? I am using Vista Ultimate 64
bits with 8GB of memory. I ran a Defrag and CHKDSK on that HD and even
replaced a different SATA cable but still having the same problem.

Is there any limitation of the hd space that vista can process as well?

Any idea?





Colin Barnhorst

You are nowhere near any limitations with x64 Vista. Run Seagate's drive
checking utility against the drive to see if it is defective. Eliminate
that possibility first. You can download the software from Seagate.

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