Slow motion video and audio



Is there a way to slow down the video and the audio of a clip added to the
timeline? I am trying to recreate a music video technique done by Sting where
the music video and audio was recorded at twice the regular speed but the
finished product the correct speed giving the appearance that Sting was
moving in slow motion but the audio speed was correct.


There are speed adjusting effects included with Movie Maker.
Just click "View video effects"


That was a waste of a question. I was thinking the slow motion effect only
applied to the video portion. I also forgot about the ability to put an A/V
clip on the music track to get only the audio. You can tell I have been away
from MM for a while...... Thanks for the reminders!
Jul 27, 2011
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If you would like to have your audio slowed down to match your video I can show you how.

If you use AnyVideoConverter to Convert your video to audio

Then use Audacity to slow down your audio

Then just put it back into Movie Maker

This video I made shows you exactly how to do just that.

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