Slow login and netlogon errors 5783 & 5719



I have a user with an XP Pro (SP2) machine...every now and then it takes
about 20 mins to half hour to log onto the domain...I also looked in her
Event Log and did find 2 Netlogon errors, Event ID 5783 which is as follows:
The session setup to the Windows NT or Windows 2000 Domain Controller
\\ for the domain WARREN is not
responsive. The current RPC call from Netlogon on \\HXBH121 to
\\ has been cancelled.

Also get another Netlogon error Event ID 5719 which is as follows:
No Domain Controller is available for domain WARREN due to the following:
The remote procedure call was cancelled. .
Make sure that the computer is connected to the network and try again. If
the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.

Any help woul be greatly appreciated....and yes we use roaming profiles and
hers is roughly 700mb but we have other users with larger roaming profiles
with no problems, and this doesn't happen to her every day, maybe couple of
times a week.

Thanks in advance,
Lucy Phelan


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