Slipstreaming SP4 is not working


George Hester

I copied the Windows 2000 CD-ROM onto the harddrive to C:\Win2000. Then I

w2ksp4 -s:C:\Win2000

Of course the i386 folder is just under C:\Win2000.. So this integtration
of SP4 succeeded. I made an iso image od the result and burned to a CD-ROM.
All proceeded well in setup of Windows 2000 SP4 until after the NTFS format
of the partion. I get this error in so many words:

Following value in the SIF fil necessary for Setup has value 0 on the line
in section [SourceDisksFiles] with key ""

Setup cannot continue. So it looks as though the slipstream is just not
working. Any suggestions on how to make a slipstream correctly so that this
error does not occur? The SIF file that this error is referring to is
TXTSETUP.SIF located in the i386 folder and here is what my section
[SourceDisksFiles] for this key "" says: = 2,,,,,,_x,39,0,0

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