Slide Numbers using PowerPoint 2003 Interop DLL


Scott Gravenhorst

I am working on a project that generates a custom PowerPoint
presentation from survey results. I've been able to do manipulation
of many aspects of the presentation except for slide numbering.
Inside PowerPoint, I can apply slide numbering using slide master, but
when I try this with the interop DLL, I get no errors, but I also get
no slide numbering.

Within my VB.NET app, I access the slidemaster and attempt an insert
slide number this way:


(in this slidemaster, the shape 5 contains the slide number area)

When I run it, no slide numbers appear. When I open the slidemaster
and look at headers/footers, the slide number box is not checked. Of
course, when checking it manually, the slide numbers then appear in
the footer.

Any clues?




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