Since we moved from Windows XP to vista Excel opens minimized !


Filips Benoit

Dear all,

Since we moved from Windows XP to vista ( windowserver2008) we have this
resting problem:
Officeversion 2003 unchanged.

Remote desktop brings the user to a access-program to make excel-documents
for the clients.
( The access-program is necessary for serveral reasons)

Opening a excel-file from access with VBA should open excel-files with a
maximezed window.
( .Application.WindowState = xlMaximized)

This worked fine with previous OS (Windows XP).
Now it opens minimezed.
But the not-admin-user does not have a start-menu on his desktop in remote
desktop on the server.
So he only can show the open file using ALT-TAB, but we prefer to open it
directly in maximized window.




Peter T

Not sure I quite follow but this -

close all instances of Excel
open Excel
maximize Book1 within the Excel's main window
close Excel

Peter T

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