Sid resolution extreemly slow - Help, please!




Since a few days the resolution/translation of sid's used for security
filtering on a GPO is extreemly slow. It takes a while before the Scope of a
selected GPO is visible and when it appears only the SID's are there i.e.
only the numbers, not the name of the user or group. Rosolving the SID's to
users or groups takes another 5 minutes.
Strangly enough, GPO's applicable to the group authenticated users is not
affected, i.e. the authenticated users group is immediately resolved.
Ad consists of 1 domain and I am working on the PDC emulator, both
physically and as the selected Domain controller in GPMC.
I have a native W2K3 domain, all Domain controllers are running SP1.
I have just upgraded the GPMC to version 1.02 but no effect.
It is the same problem on all Domain controllers.
I have no specific error messages in the event log.
Translation of rights in Ad users and computer (for example) is fast as
Any idea's?
Jul 13, 2009
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I found this thread by searching for solutions to this problem which I also had. Here's the solution I've found, hopefully it will help someone else who also has this problem.

It was resolved by updating the driver of Realtek 8139 network card to 5.719.325.2009 .

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