Showing data on subform from table


Valerie Wong

Hi, I have started using Access a week ago and am stuck at the following:

I have created a form with a subform. In the subform, i want to display a
data from a table. I opened the property window and typed in Control Source a
Dlookup formula but the subform would not display the value. it does not show
Name? or Error? but simply blank. what are the possible reasons? and how can
I display the value, either via dlookup or other method?


Valerie Wong

Hi, many thanks for the reply.

I have put the statement in control source or Default value, both give me a
blank output.

=DLookUp("[Public/ Private]","[Company Background]","[Company
Name]=Forms![Company Name]")

The "Forms!" at the end of the statement refers to the subform, right?


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