Adding data from a table to a subform with DLookup



I have a form, frmTradeOff, which has a subform named frmTradeOffSub.
The frmTradeOffSub has a control called TradeWith which gets EmpName
from a lookup table entitled tblEmpName. On the frmTradeOffSub, there
is a control called TradeWithIDNum that I want to get IDNum from the
tblEmpName by using DLookup.

I am having problems figuring out the code since I am working with a
subform. Help is appreciated


Jim Bunton

Your posts been here a while with no response so maybe you've solved your
problem now.

This post isn't a proposed solution I'm afraid it's just to say that maybe
you have't got any proposed solution because it's difficult to understand
your problem.

I think that you need to provide
the query data that the main form retrieves [leaving out irelevant columns]
same for the sub form
the field names of the link fields

It may be clearer just to call the forms Main and Sub here

Hope this helps

Jim Bunton

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