Show one report per customer if multiple sales

Mar 14, 2011
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Hi folks

So I've made a database to track customers and sales dates.

As part of this, I've made a report that will be a thank you letter to the customer.

The report pulls info from two tables; Customer and Sales

The report is opened from a menu where I enter two date ranges, then a macro opens the report, finding sales between those dates and in-putting the customers name & address in the letter.

I have some customers that get 2 or more sales in a single day.

I basically want the report to show just one letter per customer even if they have multiple sales records for the date range provided.

Is there a way to do this in the report?

I thought about using the query, but with two tables, the unique identifier having to be the customerID, and a date range being the filter, not sure this would work right.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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