summary report w/o using subreports



Is it possible to build a report that will give sums for various categories
within a date range (grouping by category) and also a grand total for the
same date range without creating subreports? I had a report set up using
subreports but every time I opened the report or tried to print I was forced
to enter the date range for each subreport included in the report.

I am trying to run a summary report of customer numbers that have visted
several different neighborhood sales centers. I have 5 sales centers and I
run a report for each on a monthly basis showing their daily numbers and a
total for the month. I have a separate query set up for each sales center to
calculate the totals based on the date range entered. I would like to use
those 5 queries to make a report listing the totals for each sales center and
then a grand total for all at the bottom. If I try to use all of my queries
to create a report using the wizard function I get a message that I have too
many fields. Each sales center has 8 fields which are totaled. I have
listed some sample fields below to show what I am trying to do. All of this
crieria would be totaled based on date range entered.

Total $ Total # Total Contracts Total
Sales Ctr 1 1500.00 14 1

Sales Ctr 2 2950.00 22 4

Sales Ctr 3 4800.00 36 8

Totals 9250.00 72 13

I hope I've given you enough info and haven't been too confusing.


You can do all the totals in your query and final totals in a footer, either
group or report footer.
Post your SQL if you have problems getting totals.

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