Show AutoComplete Suggestions - Word 2007


John Karlto

To the group:

The "Show AutoComplete suggestions" setting is removed in Word 2007 (as
Quick Parts/Building Blocks have repalced AutoText).

My impression was the date AutoComplete could be diabled in Word 2007 only
via a VBA macro (as it is enabled by default) and yet, the the date
AutoComplete has stopped working in Word 2007 - still works in Outlook 2007 -
and I have a colleague who has the exact opposite situation - works in Word
2007 but not in Outlook 2007.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestion as to how to control the date
AutoComplete in Word 2007? It is, to put it mildly, driving me crazy...
(Although it is Microsoft - I should expect this kind of thing, shouldn't I?)

Any and all help greatly appreciated...
Thank you



Stefan Blom

If AutoComplete isn't working at all, try the following steps to enable it
again: Press Alt+F11 to display the Visual Basic Editor. Press Ctrl+G to
activate the Immediate window. Type

Application.DisplayAutoCompleteTips = True

and press Enter.

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