Should I try to reinstall windows?



Should I reinstall Windows, over the current install?

Is it obvious from the CD instructions how to do this?

Should it be done while his win2000 is running, or by booting from the

A friend has a windows 2000 SP1 CD and I can use that. Should I also
then install sp2, 3, and 4 in sequence?

Or will the win2000 SP1 CD leave those files unchanged because the
sp2,3,and 4 files have later dates than sp1 has?

He has lots of errors spread around Windows and I'm thinking the
simplest thing is to reinstall 2000 over the current install, which
will iiuc keep all his data and programs installed aftter Windows was.

Thanks a lot.

The friend I mentioned here before continues to have errors in a lot
of places, just one line errors with a hex address or two.

He has uninstalled and reinstalled Word 97, but continues to get the
same errors there. Maybe he can still use the program after the
error, maybe not, I forget.

He can't use the printer. He's uninstalled all the printers, but
can't reinstall the printer he has, nor can I. We get a message which
I find with google, and it says it is often related to the spooler not
running. I check the task list and indeed spoolersv.exe is not
running, so I start it, with Run, and it runs for a little while, but
the moment I start to install a printer, it stops running. (I can see
the task manager window at the same time as the printer install

He has similar hex address errors other places too.

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