Should I seperate my database?



I am in the process of redesigning the database for a non-profit that I work
for. The database needs to keep track of membership and education (some
people that take courses are not members) - Should I create 2 seperate
databases? If so, is it possible to keep track of the event history for the



Jeff Boyce

You appear to have begun the process needed for building a relational
database, i.e., analyzing the entities. It all starts with the data...

Since you have people, and groups, and group members, and (?Educational
Opportunities), and "Education", I don't see an advantage to setting up two
separate databases (recall that Access stores all tables and other objects
in a single file called a "database").

I'm not sure what YOU mean by "event history for the membership" -- can you
describe that a bit more?

Are you familiar with relational database design and normalization? If you
want to get the best use of Access' features and functions, you'll need to
have some comfort with these -- Access "chokes" if you try to feed it
spreadsheet data (OK, an exaggeration, but you get the idea).


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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