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In my form I have a fldOutOfRoom which the user inputs a short time into the
field, i.e, 0900.

I have the following code in the open event of another form called frmRNnotes:

If DateDiff("h", Forms!frmPtDemographicNew!frmVisitNewEdit.Form!OutOfRoom,
Now) >= 1 Then

Me.cmdRNnotesEdit.Visible = False

This code gives the RN one hour to complete a note and then he/she can no
longer edit the note.

What I want to know is the Short Time format going to let the cmdRNnotesEdit
button be visible everyday within one hour of the of the original time? That
is, is the short time just a time or does it also know the date that the time
was entered? Or do I need to use a short date format for this field?

Hope that's clear, thanks Rob



Douglas J. Steele

Formatting a value doesn't change the value: it just changes how it looks.

Since you're not supplying a date with fdlOutOfRoom, then it doesn't contain
one (well, it does: the default date of 30 Dec, 1899)

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