Sharing Folders - Read Only



I am trying to network my PC tower (Windows XP)with a
laptop (Windows XP) and a Macintosh (OS X). I want to
use the tower as the main server and I have two folders
on it's C: drive that I have designated as shared. All
the computers can see each other, the laptop and the Mac
can both read files from the shared folders. The problem
is that both the laptop and the Mac can only write to one
of the shared folders, and not the other.

Both of the shared folders are also designated "Read
Only", and appear to want to stay that way, regardless of
how many times I uncheck that option in the "Properties"
dialogue box. Every time I open the folder properties
the box has been re-checked. When I try to create a new
folder, it is created with the "Read Only" box checked.
I can't seem to turn it off anywhere.

Can anyone tell me why this is? Why can I write to one
shared folder but not the other, even though the
properties of both appear to be identical? How do I un-
check the "Read Only" box for good?

If anyone can offer me some insight into this very
irritating problem I would really appreciate it. I don't
know what to do.

Thanks for any help!


Unbelievably, I managed to fix my own problem. For
anyone who's reading this for a solution, here's what I
found. When I clicked on the folder I wanted to share
and clicked "Share This Folder" in the frame to the left
(under "File and Folder Tasks") I was given an option
to "Allow Network Users To Change My Files". After
checking this box, problem solved. I know - duh.

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