Sharing calendar and contacts between user accounts.



My wife and I use the same computer but we set up separate user accounts for
logging into windows. This way we keep our files separate and nothing gets
mixed up or accidently deleted (unless we do it to ourselves).

Both of us use Outlook 2003 for e-mail, and keep track of things using
calendar and store e-mail addresses using contacts.

We've both been thinking it would be a great idea if we could keep our
separate windows user accounts and outlook accounts (so that nothing between
the two of us gets mixed up) but share the calendar and the contacts.

That way we're both aware of what's planned individually and what's planned
jointly. (No more arguements about "I told you four weeks ago!" - lol.); and
when one of us has a new contact that we'd both be using only one of us has
to add the information to the contacts and the other has access to it.

So is there an easy way to share the calendar and contacts between user

Just so we're clear. We use Windows Vista Home Premium and we have one user
account each, meaning we log in separately of each other. We DON'T share a
user profile. Sorry if I'm being pedantic but I just want to make sure
there's no mis-understanding about how we log in.



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you could share a pst for the calendar and contacts - I'd probably get in
the habit of sending the other person a meeting invite, no response needed
option and forwarding contacts they might be interested in. It's less
confusing, especially if you need reminders.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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