Sharing a Printer via USB Hub???



I have a new Brother 5250 Laser printer, that has three interface ports;
USB 2.0, Parallel, and Network ports. Currently I have a network with
two PCs on a hard wired Ethernet DSL/RouterRather.

Rather than invest in a new Router with a Print Server, can I use a USB
Hub in 'reverse' -- that is connect my 2 PCs to a USB Hub, and have the
'Host' be the Printer?

Or can the printer 'accept' two separate interfaces at the same time
(i.e. setup one of my PCs to attach to it via its parrallel connection,
and the other via its USB 2.0 port?


Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

If this printer has a Network port, it likely has a built-in print server.
Have you tried connecting it to your DSL router? The network capable
Brothers we have here have a utility on the setup disk that will find and
setup the network port in the printer.

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