Shared Workbook Saving issue


Brendan Quirk

Hello All - I am using Excel 2007 and have a shared workbook that is
also password protected.

One user of the workbook attempted to save changes and received an
error message that reads:

"Caution: You are attempting to save a shared workbook that is also
protected with a password. Portions of the file, including the change
history, will not be encrypted. To help ensure the security of your
file, unshare the workbook or delete the change history from the
document. Do you want to save this file?"

I would like to keep this as a shared workbook, so I attempted to
delete the change history by going to Review>Changes>Share
Workbook>Advanced, and the radio button is 'on' for "Don't keep change

Can someone please guide me about what steps I must take in order to
keep this a shared workbook, but to eliminate this error message each
time someone would like to save a change? Thank you, Brendan

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