Shared Folder Access Denied



I have done a lot of reading in this forum and elsewhere and I'm pretty
confident I have set things up correctly. My home network has three Vista
and one XP machine. I have set up some shares on one of the Vista machines.
The shares on this host can be accessed with no problem from the XP box and
one of the other Vista laptops. The other Vista laptop is denied access.

If I disable Password protected sharing the trouble client is able to
connect to the public folders, but nothing else. On the clients that work,
if I log in with the same user name and password that exists on the host I
get access without being prompted for a password. If I use a different user
I am prompted to enter credentials. Either way it works.

On the problem client it doesn't matter what user name and password I am
logged in with. I am never prompted for credentials at all either way - just
denied access.

All these machines are in the same workgroup. I have disabled third party
firewall on both ends. Both laptops (the one that can connect and the one
that can't) are connected to the same wireless network. All machines have
that network set as private.

Network Discovery, File Sharing, and Password Protected Sharing are all

I don't know what else to check.


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