Shared Common Calendar Exchange 2007




I am trying to set up a shared common calendar that all
users can view and automatically add new items to. The
end users want to be able to add this common calendar
to the list of attendees for an appointment/meeting and
have the item automatically accepted. They also want
the ability to view all items on the common calendar.

I am looking for some advice as to the best way to
handle this type of requirement. We are using Outlook
2007 with Exchange 2007 Standard.

One thought I had is to create a Room or Equipment
mailbox and set the booking policy to AutoAccept. I
tried this and was able to send appointment requests and
have them automatically accepted as desired.

The problem I have is that regular users do not have the
permission to view the common calendar items. What is
the correct/easiest way to grant all users the ability to view
the calendar items on the resource calendar? Or is using
a Room or Equipment mailbox (for this purpose) wrong?

I have tried granting them ReadPermission or FullAccess
to the resource, but when a user attempts to open the
common calendar it says they don't have permission.

Of course the user account that I set as a delegate for
the resource is able to open the resource calendar without
any errors.

Thanks in advance.




Okay, it looks I was able to set the permission on
the resource calendar. I opened it with the delegate
and then opened Properties--Permissions tab.

I had tried this before but it appeared that I was
viewing the permissions of the delegate's calendar
and not the resource's calendar.

I am still interested in advice or any thoughts you
may have.






We have several boardrooms which people like to see and book via their
Outlook client and this is what I did.
Created a resource room for each boardroom as per the following article

It work [the booking part] but people could not view the calendar.....when
they tried to open as a share calendar they got access denied, no permissions

To fix this I logged into the boardroom mailbox with a full client, not OWA
and selected the folder list view and then right click on the calendar. Went
to properties and gave review to the default.

All staff can open the calendar and see the information [read only]

Maybe this will help you…..


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