Setting Criteria in Query



Hey Everyone,
I have a table that has a 6 checkboxes and 6 memo notes boxes. Everytime
the checkbox is unchecked the agent has to leave a comment in the notes box.
I am trying to set criteria in a query that basically states if checkbox is
unchecked please give me the notes. My problem is that i have 6 checkboxes
and notes field with each record. Can someone offer insite or a possible
workaround? Thanks


Try this in the form's "before update" event for the first checkbox and memo

If IsNull(Me!memo1) And me.checkbox1 = false Then
MsgBox "The checkbox for the first memo is unchecked. Please enter
some notes", vbCritical
Cancel = True
End If

If you try to move out of the record, it will check whether the memo field
is null and the checkbox is unticked. If it is you will get the message box.

Let me know!

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