criteria, checkboxes, and/or



I have a matrix of checkboxes on a continuous form.
I would also like to use checkboxes in the header to specify parameter
criteria in the form's query. The rows that appear on the form should match
the criteria checkbox contents. If the box is (triple state) grey, the
criteria should be 'everything'.

This works when using the criteria line for example,

Like [Forms]![FrmAssyStatus2]![CheckSales] & "*"

I need to add about a dozen or so of these criteria, and they should work in
an OR fashion. The grey state of any criteria checkbox would basically mean
that that column is unfiltered. But when I add the criteria to the query
matrix as OR's, all records are displayed no matter what checkboxes are on.

I'm guessing the & "*" parts of the criteria are messing this up, but I
don't know any other way to work it. I'm sure there must be another way.

Thanks in advance.

John Vinson

Anyway this works fine when used in an AND fashion (criteria for all fields
on one line) but I need to use it in OR fashion (criteria cascasded downward
on successive lines), and then it only works in certain situations.

For example, when the 2nd field is the only field turned on, all records are
returned instead of just records for the 2nd field.

It sounds like you have a criterion or criteria on some other fields.
If so you must put that criterion on ALL of the OR lines.

It might help if you opened your query in SQL view and posted the SQL
text here. There's clearly something amiss with the query; if I could
see the SQL I might be able to figure out what!

John W. Vinson[MVP]

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