Setting Captions on side-by-side figures in Word



When creating reports, I often place figures side by side in my documents. I
will set centering tabs at 1.8" and 5.3" for both the figure and caption to
stay consistent with figure formatting throughout the report. When adding a
caption to the figure, I can get each caption to center below each respective

My problem comes with cross-referencing the figure numbers in the body of my
text. I try to insert a cross-reference, but, if the captions (say for
figures 1 and 2) appear in the same line of the document, the options I get
for selection of a cross-reference appears as follows, with a square (not a 0
as I indicate below) in-between the text for figure 1 and "Figure 2":

Figure 1: blablabla 0 Figure 2: blablabla
Figure 1: blablabla 0 Figure 2: blablabla
Figure 3: blablabla

Is there a way to insert figures side-by-side, caption the figures with each
caption centered under each respective figure, and still get a "real" list of
figures without the error shown above?


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