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Teresa via

My table, students has 4 date fields.
I want to be able to select any one of the date fields and put a preset date
in it, as the same date will be used in lots of student records but in
different date fields.

I created a continuous form with an unbound text box in the header to enter
the date I want to use and a button that appears on each record that OnClick
sets the value of the selected field to that of the unbound text box.

If I refer to the field explicitly, i.e. [date1] = NameOfUnboundTextBox, it
works fine but I can't figure out how to do this where [datefield] changes
depending on which is the selected field.
I tried me.activecontrol = NameOfUnboundTextBox but I get "Object doesn't
support this property or method"

Beats me.

Wayne Morgan

You're on the right track. The problem with Me.ActiveControl is that when
you click the button, the button is the active control. You have a couple of

1) You could use the double click event of the textbox to insert this date.

2) Instead of Me.ActiveControl, try Screen.PreviousControl.

Teresa via

Thanks Wayne. So logical and yet I would never have guessed in a million

The on double click works beautifully and is a better solution than using the
button anyway.

Many thanks.

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