Service Work Order Form

Oct 18, 2012
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Ok, I am new to access, i've studied, but I just can't seem to get it right
I am trying to build a database for service work orders within our plant
So if a machine malfunctions, an operator can fill out the form of which machine, the type of malfunction (so we know which maintenance man to call), be able to prioritize (safety being the most important issue), and when the maintenance men come to the machine they can fill out which parts were replaced if any and their costs (keep up with costs and inventory) their start and end time, which maintenance man did the work, a short description of what the maintenance man found wrong, and what he did to fix the issue

I want to be able to get all of that done on one form, but I do think it may be easier to set up two different forms, like a request form and then a maintenance form for the maintenance guy to fill out when he services the machine...

I tried making an employee table with their badge number (so they would only have to enter their 5 digit badge number and then the report would automatically pull up who it was so they can't place requests under other people's names), an employee certification table so that way the type of maintenance issue would link directly to the maintenance man that is certified to do it, and a parts/products table so i could do a drop down box on the form and they can just click the item and type in how many of what they used and the form be able to calculate it automatically...

I am LOST on how to actually create a form for this, and the tables I created, well i don't think they neccessarily work the best...

If someone could help me, I've only been working with access for 2 weeks, and only had a week before this to try and familiarize myself with it...

I have no idea where to start on the form, and i have no idea if this would be enough information (table wise) to create a form

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and help, thanks!

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