Service or driver failed during system startup

Mar 28, 2007
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When windows starts up, I receive this error;
Service Control Manager
At least one service or driver failed during system startup. Use Event Viewer to examine the event log for details.

After a trip into the event log, I found this error;

The Parallel port driver service failed to start due to the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

That doesn't help me though, would any of you know how to disable that driver/service? I don't use the parallel port anymore. I could not find such a service or driver, so I am unable to disable it.

P.S. This message started to appear when I changed my motherboard, indeed, the new motherboard does not have a parallel port, while the old one did.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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