Separate inboxes for Outlook 2007



I recently installed Office 2007 and I have two email accounts that I set-up
in Outlook 2007. I have an Exchange account for my work and a POP3 account
through my ISP for my personal email. I entered the particulars for each
email account separately, expecting that each would have its own inbox and
completely different sets of resources (Inbox, outbox, sent items, etc.).
Both accounts ended up delivering emails to the same inbox, and my Office
2003 mailbox on my work computer even downloaded my personal email to my work
computer. I simply want the ability to read and reply to my work emails from
home without mixing emails from both accounts in the same inbox. I know about
the "rules" that I can set-up to separate work and personal emails into
different folders, but I would prefer completely separate resources for each
email account and I certainly don't want my personal email loading on to my
work computer. Any advice?

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