Access SendKeys Action in MS Access 2003/2007

Jun 19, 2010
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I'm an experienced Access user and I wrote a program way back in Access 2.0 that successfully used SendKeys. I'm unable to duplicate it in the later versions.

I know several gurus here have suggested never using SendKeys, but in this case it seems to be the only way to accomplish my goals, although I'm open to suggestions.

First, I have a Memo field called Notes to hold information about customers. When entering into the field, I want the cursor to move to the top left corner, then shift all the existing data down, then return to the top corner, print today's date, and then have the cursor remain there ready to enter current data. The idea is to have new data entered at the top with the date of contact pre-filled.

I accomplished this 15 years ago by using a Macro OnEnter which would send the following. ^{Home} to return the cursor to the top left corner of the field, ^{M} to enter a carriage return (yup, it works!), {UP} to bring the cursor up to the top, then a SetValue operation to set the field to Date()&"- "&[Notes]

This simple routine worked very well (and still works in 2.0), yet with the later versions of Access it simply won't work at all. I can intermittently get to the top left corner when single-stepping the Macro, never when allowing it to run normally. It doesn't matter if the Wait is set for yes or no.

I would like to get any info on how to get SendKeys to cooperate, or alternately, another method that will allow me to move to the beginning of the field, shift the data down, return up one space, print the date, and leave the cursor in position to write. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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